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    Thanks for visiting our website! We offer quality lawn care service, lawn mowing and landscaping, some of the best lawn care Tacoma, WA has to offer. Whether you’re in need of weed control, lawn pest control, aeration, or lawn disease control, we are confident in giving you fresh green results! We provide expert lawn maintenance in many Washington cities nearby: Kent, Lakewood, Puyallup, Auburn, Spanaway, Olympia, and beyond! Contact us today for a free quote.

    Lawn Aeration Service

    Aerating and Thatch Removal

    aeration and thatch removal

    With humid weather, our team will provide thatch removal and lawn aerating services to allow better nutrient absorption in the soil. Thatch is the layer of straws layer on top of thick hardened soil. Thatch removal is essential to allow sunlight and penetration of fertilizers and water. However, when done incorrectly, it could leave the roots exposed, resulting in overall death, which is why we advise you to call for a professional lawn care company to handle dethatching. When the soil thickens due to high moisture, it could increase mold growth and affect the nutrient absorption flow. Aeration involves the puncturing of holes onto the ground. You can manually create holes by sticking a pitchfork into the soil; however, this method is not feasible. Our professional lawn care providers offer the best results if you’re looking to aerate most efficiently. If you have a large lawn, we offer core aeration, which involves using a large machine aerator. It could plug multiple areas on a large surface of the land.

    Lawn Fertilization Service

    Our Tacoma lawn care team is precise and accurate about our fertilization and treatments for plants. We choose the highest premium fertilizer that contains the most percentage of nitrogen, which promotes the green coloring of the grass. Depending on your lawn’s needs, we will also handpick products with phosphorus, which promotes growth in roots and stems. When given a call, we will arrive promptly, assess your grass, and choose the best products for your lawn. We will apply slow-acting fertilizer or gradual release fertilizer depending on your grass’s needs. Some fertilizer tools that we use are Broadcast, Rotary Spreader, Drop Spreader, and Handheld battery-operated spreader. Each of these helps distribute fertilizers depending on the size of your lawn and how much saturation is needed. Whether you want granular, liquid, synthetic, or organic fertilizer, we have all the options to give you the green lawn that you desired.

    Weed Control Services

    Crabgrass, Nutsedge, Dandelion, Thistle, and Quackgrass are the most common evil nutrient sucking plants that are often the cause of dead grass. We recommend moistening the soil before manual pulling for more natural extraction if you want to tackle weeds on your own. It would be best if you had a professional weed control team because it is not a one-size-fits-all. Some weeds like dandelions or cloves have deep and spreading roots that are tough to remove and easy to grow back! Our weed control Tacoma team believes that the best way to combat weed is through proper lawn maintenance: fertilization, lawn mowing, pest control, watering, and more! However, if you need weed control assistance, please call our Tacoma landscaping lawn care providers to spot treating weed through liquid weed control.

     Lawn Disease Control

    It is a hassle to deal with lawn disease as it requires extensive treatments and weekly observations to ensure your grass returns to its healthy green self. There are a variety of common weeds that you may have encountered: Brown Patch, Snow mold, Red Threads, and Mildew. There are many factors to why you have lawn disease: grass type, environmental, or weather. Certain grasses are more prone to disease-causing microorganisms exposure. Your lawn can also obtain adverse conditions due to pathogen friendly environments. No matter the causation of your lawn disease or type, our Tacoma lawn mowing service providers, are the best at providing lawn disease control. Our company is very cautious about choosing the right products to prevent the risk of ruining your perfectly healthy grass. Our experienced lawn care providers have the right equipment and products to heal your grass. We are cautious about the antifungal products we use, as it is potent in killing plants. We will help fight off and prevent the regrowth of fungus and diseases.

    Lawn Pest Control

    You might witness lawn insect infestation when you see signs of brown or dead patches, bite marks on grass, thin or missing roots, and small holes in the soil. The most common lawn pests are White Grub, Ant, Mosquito, Tick, or Worms. As a Tacoma lawn care company, we care about the safety and comfort of our customers. Therefore, we recommend calling professional pest control to reduce the risks of spreading the bugs to other places. We will assess the grass and identify the critters through the signs when calling our professional Tacoma pest control team. Next, we will consider your type of grass and plants to make sure that our products will leave it unharmed during treatment. Next, we will choose the perfect insecticide to exterminate the pests while leaving your grass standing safely. After our application, we will check up 1-2 weeks after and address further steps to the pest-free lawn.

    Areas We Service

    We provide some of the highest quality lawn maintenance Tacoma, WA and all cities nearby including Kent, Lakewood, Puyallup, Auburn, Spanaway, Olympia, have to offer! We also service South Tacoma, South End, Ruston, Fircrest, University Place, Midland, Northeast Tacoma, Dash Point, Fife, Fife Heights, Waller, Summit and more. Contact us today for a free estimate. If you are a local homeowner in the area and searching for Lawn Care Service near me, please give us a call!

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    How Much Should You Pay For Someone To Mow Your Lawn?

    This greatly depends on the size of the project, how big the lawn, and what kind of treatments your getting for your lawn (whether it’s just mowing or aeration). Taking that into account, the price can range anywhere from $50-$200.

    How Often Should Your Lawn be Mowed?

    Depending on how long you want your grass to be, your lawn should get mowed once a week, or every other week to make sure your grass stays healthy and you can avoid brown patches of dead grass.

    What Time of Day is Best to Mow Lawns?

    It’s best to avoid the hottest parts of the day, but not mow too early in the morning so the dew can dry off the grass. The optimal time for lawn mowing is between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m.