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Get rid of stubborn weed! Your lawn is an important section of your home that uplifts its beauty. If your lawn has aggressive weeds that are very difficult to get rid of, Tacoma Lawn Care can help you get rid of them. We promise to provide weed-free gardens, yards, and lawns to every client coming to us. We have extensive experience in weed control services. Our experts determine the right method for the type of grass in your lawn, use the best products, and ensure that weeds stay away as long as possible. 

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     Weed Control Services Tacoma WA

    No homeowner welcome weeds in his/her lawn, which makes them highly irritating. A single weed is enough to destroy the beauty & appearance of your lawn. It’s tempting to take on a DIY weed control project, but it requires professionals. At Tacoma Lawn Care, we have the right procedure, products, and professionals to control weed in your lawn. We start our weed control services with proper assessment, which is followed by preparing a treatment plan. We use highly efficient pre-emergent weed killers to prevent the growth of weeds in your lawn. 

    Why Choose Our Weed Control Services?

    Our weed control experts at Tacoma Lawn Care use tried & tested methodologies to prevent weed formation in your lawn. We offer both post-emergent & pre-emergent weed control. 

    Common lawn weeds we remove & control include:

    • Crabgrass
    • Dandelion
    • Creeping bentgrass
    • Broadleaf weeds of all kinds

    Our experts have in-depth knowledge of all kinds of grass and weed that grows on it. With deep knowledge and vigilant experts, Tacoma Law Care tackles weed issues effectively. We know the type of weed that grows in your area, which’s why we come to your property with full preparation. 

    Affordable Services With Guaranteed Weed Control

    Not every homeowner deal with just one kind of lawn issue for a short time. Weed issue can be aggravating and tedious for homeowners to remove themselves. It’s not the kind of issue you can deal with yourself, so you need professional weed control in Tacoma, WA. Tacoma Lawn Care offers comprehensive lawn services, including highly efficient weed control services. We take care of weed issues efficiently and provide guaranteed control at affordable rates. We provide several treatments in our weed control services that are extra charges for other lawn care companies. 

    We provide highly professional weed control in Tacoma, WA, at much lower prices than our competitors. 

    Regardless of the type of grass your lawn has, Tacoma Lawn Care provides the best weed control in the city. Call us now and schedule a treatment package.