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    With a population of over 200,000 residents, Tacoma is the 3rd largest city in the state of Washington. It sits neatly between Seattle and Washington’s capital, Olympia, with Seattle about 30 miles to the north and Olympia approximately 30 miles to its south.

    Tacoma has a rich historical heritage with over 1,000 historic properties, several of which include a fire station originally built in 1907 called Engine House No. 9, the Stadium Bowl and Stadium High School which were the setting for the blockbuster movie “10 Things I Hate About You,” and the William Ross Rust House which is a Colonial/Classic Revival style home built in 1905.

    There are many interesting cultural attractions to see as well, like the Museum of Glass, America’s Car Museum, the Tacoma Art Museum, the Tacoma Film Festival, and much more.

    Tacoma is a beautiful city with lots to offer and we’re proud to be able to serve its residents and be part of keeping our city pretty and tidy.


    How Do You Take Care of a Lawn?

    Maintaining a healthy lawn requires upkeep. A few of the important parts of lawn care include:

    1. Fertilizing your lawn at the start of each season to get new grass to grow.
    2. Weed control, which can be done by hand pulling larger weeds or spot control for the smaller ones.
    3. Keeping your lawn well-mowed, ideally never cutting over ⅓ of the grass’s height which requires regular mowing.
    4. Only watering deeply if the lawn hasn’t seen rain in over a week.

    Things to Avoid to Keep a Healthy and Good-Looking Lawn

    Here are a couple of things to stay away from if you want your lawn to stay fresh

    1. Cutting your grass too short. Regularity is important with keeping a healthy lawn, so cutting shorter will not do your lawn any favors.
    2. Using a lawn mower with dull blades.
    3. Letting your lawn go without water for more than a week at a time.
    4. Over-watering your lawn. A lawn that gets excessive water every day will stunt the growth of your grass.
    5. Bagging up your cut grass.
    6. Never putting any kind of fertilizer on your lawn.
    7. Cutting your grass early in the morning before the dew has evaporated.

    When is the Best Time of Day to Water Your Lawn?

    In the morning when it’s cool and the winds are generally less intense is the best time to water your grass. Before 10 AM is the ideal time for watering, as grass will better absorb water before it has a chance to evaporate due to heat or wind which is more likely to happen if you water your lawn during the heat of the day.